Healthy Actions

Simple steps called “Healthy Actions” can keep your family safe from arsenic and leadTom_the_Gardener_transparent.

Healthy Actions are simple things you and your family can do to reduce contact with arsenic and lead in dirt. Find a full list of Healthy Actions here.

Here are a few ways we are exposed to dirt, and Healthy Actions you can take to reduce risk:

Children put dirty hands and toys in their mouths

Scrub hands well with plenty of soap and water.

Wash toys frequently.

Cover bare patches of soil in your yard with mulch to keep toys out of the dirt.

Provide a sand box for digging. Purchase silica-free sand, or wet down play sand to reduce dust before your child plays. Pebbles are less expensive than silica-free sand. They work well for digging (but not building) and do not need to be wet down.

Take shoes off at the door to reduce dirt and dust inside your home.

Vacuum and dust with a damp cloth at least once a week.

Dirty Dog

Pets track dirt into the house

Keep pets clean.

Wipe your pet’s paws before entering the home.

Brush and bathe your pet regularly.

Give pets their own bed.

Cover bare soil so dogs like this one don’t go digging! You can fill and cover holes with mulch, gravel, or wood chips to help discourage further digging.

Photo by Tim Samoff

Gardeners work in the dirt

Wear shoes and gloves while gardening. Take them off before going inside.

Dust off outside. Wash dirty clothing separate from other laundry.

Wash your hands well. Use a scrub brush to clean dirt from under your fingernails.

Wash fruits and vegetables with a scrub brush and peel root vegetables.

Grow your produce in raised beds made from untreated materials.

Have your soil tested

If you are in our service area, you can have your soil tested for free.

Complete list of recommended Healthy Actions

Please visit Pierce, King, and Thurston County websites for outreach materials and programs for your specific area.